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Canadian Agricultural Talent

Should You Make a Special Effort to Recruit Canadian Agricultural Talent?

Many jobs, and even executive positions, can seem the same regardless of industry. In some ways, they are. However, in agriculture, there are enough differences that it is worth it to look specifically for Canadian agricultural talent when it's time to hire.

One of the biggest differences between agriculture and other industries is the seasonality involved. Very few businesses have periods where you are generally selling nothing, but instead, focusing on producing the product. Depending on the details of a farm, there may even be nearly nothing to do for months at a time. Crops sometimes need to be tended, yes, but it doesn't take many staffers to drive around with a fertilizer boom during the growing season. Yet, at harvest time, activity jumps and a huge amount of extra workers may be needed to bring in crops or take animals to market.

This seasonality doesn't only affect the rank-and-file workers, who are hired or laid off according to the time of year. It also requires extra skills from the executives who have to go from managing 10 people to handling over 100, sometimes overnight. Because of this, agricultural recruitment Canada involves finding highly flexible executives who won't find this overly stressful.

Canadian agricultural talent is also far more likely to be "into" the processes of growing, whether you are growing plants or raising animals. This is essential, because the health of your crops and livestock has to be the top priority. After all, they are your product, and if they're not healthy, you won't get as good of prices! Therefore, it's important to get talent that doesn't see your plants and animals as mere factory parts.

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