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Food and Agricultural Business Recruiting

Bring in the Experts at Food and Agricultural Business Recruiting for Your Talent Search

Many agribusiness jobs can be filled by setting up a booth at a local university's job fair, but this isn't the case when it comes to management or executive positions. Then, you need to find people who already have experience in the agri-food and bioproduct sector. This will ensure that they are already used to the unique challenges of your industry, such as extreme seasonality, spoilability of your products, raising plants and animals for food, and the extra regulations that come with your type of business.

One of the big challenges of the agri-food and bioproduct sector is the regulations that surround it. All types of food are closely regulated for safety, and this means knowing and following a great number of extra laws. Everything from which pesticides can be used on crops to the way infections are treated in animals is covered. Slaughter, processing, and meat storage are similarly controlled by both national and provincial regulations. This makes it so that executives have to be far more detailed than they would be in, for example, the car parts business.

Product perishability is another concern that your higher-level employees need to be able to deal with. Because of this, food and agricultural business recruiting will often put extra attention towards candidates who have shown that they are able to handle situations that require fast turn-around times, special storage methods, or both.

Seasonality is another big concern at some agri-business firms. Managers must be able to switch between having full staffing during high periods and minimal staffing during the off-months. This is a capability that is not truly nurtured in many other industries.

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